100 Meters 33 Ohm/m 3 mm Upgrade Silicone rubber Jacket Carbon Fiber Heating wire warm floor cable



Price: 9.27 - 5.38


Technical Datas:

Product Name: Carbon fiber heating wire

Insulating material: Silicone rubber

Max enduring temperature: 200C degrees

Heating temperature: based on the using length

Heating conductor: 12K

Leakage current: 0.05mA/m

The product can withstand max power: 25W/M

Diameter: 3±0.1 MM (Thicker and Safer )

Colors: Red

Infrared wavelength: 8UM-18UM

Conductor resistance: 33±10% /m

Package Includes:

1. Buy 100m = 100m cable + 20 pcs copper tube + 20 pcs sleeves

1. Buy 50m = 50m cable + 10 pcs copper tube + 10 pcs sleeves

1. Buy 30m = 30m cable + 6 pcs copper tube + 6 pcs sleeves

1. Buy 20m = 20m cable + 4 pcs copper tube + 4 pcs sleeves

1. Buy 15m = 15m cable + 4 pcs copper tube + 4 pcs sleeves

1. Buy 10 m = 10m cable + 2 pcs copper tube + 2 pcs sleeves

How to calculate power?

Voltage*Voltage÷resistance=electric power


For example, using 10m 12K carbon fiber cable on 220V, the power is:


For example, using 15m 12K carbon fiber cable on 220V, the power is:


The longer length, the smaller power, and lower heating temperature.

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Our five advantages
Safe and pollution-free passed 3C ROSH certification
The original factory direct sales are enough
Fast heating and stable performance
Acid and alkali resistance, combustion resistance and high temperature resistance
Nuclear power safety guarantee using high temperature resistant materials














common problem
Buyer question 1: What is the difference between Teflon and silicone?
The shopkeeper answer:
●Teflon is flame-retardant, with a smaller outer diameter, and the outer skin is more wear-resistant than silica gel! Teflon itself can withstand a temperature of 200 degrees.


●The silica gel itself can withstand a temperature of 180 degrees! The silica gel is soft and resistant to bending. Cost-effective!
Each has its own advantages!
Buyer question 2: What does K stand for?
The shopkeeper answer:
K stands for thousands. For example, 3K represents the number of carbon fibers in the heating element is 3,000 and 3,000, and so on.
*Silicone has a peculiar smell when it is first powered on due to the production process. Please leave it outside and power on for three or four hours, and wait for the peculiar smell to dissipate before using it.







Questions and answers:


Q1: What does ”12K” mean? What is the difference between 12K and 24K?
A1: ”K” stands for one thousand, so 12K means 12000, that is, the conductor of the 12K carbon fiber heating cable is combined with 12000 carbon fibers, and the resistance is 33 ohms/m. The conductor of the 24K cable is combined with 24,000 carbon fibers, and the resistance is 17 ohms/meter.

Q2: What is the difference between rubber sheath and Teflon sheath?
A2: 1. The rubber jacket is more flexible and thicker. And there will be some smell, the smell will disappear after a few days of use.
2. The Teflon sheath is a little harder and thinner than the rubber sheath, but it has no peculiar smell and good anti-corrosion performance.

Q3: What is the power of the cable? What is the heating temperature?
A3: 1. The power of the cable depends on the length you use. You can calculate the power according to the above example.
2. Power=5W/m, temperature is about 30~40C degrees;
Power=10W/m, temperature is about 40~50C degrees;
Power=15W/m, temperature is about 50~60C degrees;
Power=20W/m, temperature is about 60~70C degrees;
Power=25W/m, temperature is about 70~90C degrees. Please note that this is for your reference, and it is not completely correct due to different test conditions.




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