12V/24V 5KW Four-hole Car Heater Air Diesel 4 Holes Engine Parking Heater smart Car Parking Fuel Air Heater 8KW For Car Truck



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12V/24V 5KW Four-hole Car Heater Air Diesel 4 Holes Engine Parking Heater Intelligent Car Parking Fuel Air Heater For Car Truck

Power: 5000W
Voltage: 12V
Color: Orange
Size: about 43cm*31cm*17cm/16.93*12.20*6.69in
Fuel consumption: 0.2 liters per hour oil

-Hot start can quickly preheat the cabin air
-Lower power consumption – ideal for long-term parking (8 watts of power, equivalent to the power consumption of a turn light bulb)
-Lower fuel consumption (0.2 liters per hour oil)
-Can set the cabin temperature
-A wide range of regulation, market, the smallest of similar products in the lowest power, so high comfort
-Cabin temperature adjustable
-Through the blower speed control effectively reduce noise
-Optional internal or external installation
-Real-time function monitoring
-Safety and diagnostic system
-Scope of application: All kinds of vehicles, wagons and trucks, heating trucks, engineering vehicles and special vehicles, low temperature start and interior defrosting and heating
-This air-warmed heater is an electrical control – a fan and pump-driven heating device. It is diesels fuel, air as a medium. The use of fans to drive the rotation of the impeller to achieve diesel- combustion in the combustion chamber. The heat is then released through the metal shell and the metal shell exchanges heat with the flowing air without interruption due to the action of the external impeller. Finally achieve the heating of the entire space.
-The new air heater is the second generation of upgraded products, the aircraft to maintain the original economic and fuel-efficient warming on the basis of the characteristics of an increase of remote control features to make the control operation more simple and convenient. Improved motor to increase the fixed bracket, the balance of the fan fan impeller rotation more stable, reducing noise.
-Easy to install, economical and convenient. Can be used as a window glass defrost, but also for the cab, studio, cabin thermal insulation services.

Package Included:
1 x LCD key Switch
1 x Intake pipe
1 x Exhaust pipe
1 x Air filter
1 x Power cable
1 x Instructions

Parking Air Diesel Fuel Heater Set 5KW 12V24V For Car Truck Bus


1. It can provide heat source for the car, improve the temperature inside the car, to avoid the engine wear at low temperature. Conducive to car start, car glass defrost fog.

2. Low noise, noise reduction, and minimal noise. The remote control can remotely control the diesel air heater for preheating and adjustment.

3. Low fuel and low power consumption makes the heater suitable for long-term operation. LCD display can clearly display the operating status of the machine.

4. Compact and easy to install. The compact design for convenient use in a variety of small spaces and can be removed to new vehicles after the vehicle has been replaced.

5. Suitable for all types of diesel mechanical vehicles, such as cars, lorries, buses, motor homes, trucks, campers, caravans, construction vehicles, boats and many more to enjoy the warmth in the cold winter.


Material: metal and plastic

Color: red、blue

Size: about 37*25*30cm/14.57*9.84*11.81in

Voltage: 12V / 24V (optional)

Power: 5000W

Fuel: diesel

Full burn rate: 100%

Fuel consumption: 0.1L-0.48L

Working temperature: -40°C ~ 80°C

Remote control code:

1. When the machine is turned off, press and hold the upper button of the machine switch.

2. The screen appears (HFR) and press the unlock button of the remote control.

3. The code is successful and the machine starts.


The machine is powered, red is connected to the positive pole, black is connected to the negative pole, and it can be connected to the battery. (not reversed)

Packing List:

1*Air Heater


1*Intake Pipe

1*Outlet Pipe

1*Exhaust Pipe


1*Remote Control

1*Mounting Kit

1*User Manual


Please choose 12V voltage model for the car with one battery, 24V voltage model for the car with 2 batteries (generally are lorry and truck).

Please confirm the car battery voltage before purchasing.

All In One 12V 8KW Diesel Air Heater Car Parking Heater Air Conditioner Machine Remote Control LCD Display For Truck Boat


Name: All In One 12V 8KW Diesel Air Heater


Easy to install and remove.

Easy to maintain.

The compact design is good for using in a variety of narrow spaces.

Two working modes including air condition mode and heater mode.

With continuous monitoring and diagnostic system.

Fuel supplied from the vehicle's own tank.

Applicable to various diesel mechanical vehicles such as cars, buses, RVs, trucks, engineering vehicles, etc.


Material: metal and plastic

Color: all white; red and white

Size: about 15.3×39×41.5cm (6×15.4×16.3")

Voltage: 12V

Power: 8000W

Fuel: diesel

Complete combustion rate: 100%

Fuel consumption: 0.21~0.54L

Working temperature: -40°C~80°C

Packing List:

1 * Air Heater (LCD Thermostat)

1 * Remote Control (Batteries NOT included)

1 * Air Outlet Pipe

1 * Intake Pipe

1 * Exhaust Pipe

1 * Fixture Accessories Set


1. Please allow 1-5mm tolerance due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before you bid.

2. The colors may have different as the different display, so please do understand.


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