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Price: 38.17 - 21.76

Made of far-infrared carbon fiber wire heating element layer and soft skin-friendly materials to ensure a warm and comfortable touch.
Intelligent temperature control, heated with knees, back and waist.
Powered by any 5V / 2.4A USB portable charger, the USB plug is compatible with most portable chargers on the market.
Which can start heating in 30 seconds, long duration and long heating time.
5-level adjustable temperature with indicator light to adjust the required temperature.
Safety insulation design, built-in thermal protection module, 5V safety voltage, once overheated, it will stop running until the heat returns to the standard temperature.
The washing machine does not affect the internal heating system to heat clothes safely and durable. Support hand / machine cleaning.
Heating underwear helps to improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism, which is very suitable for people who are afraid of cold, Raynaud’s disease, arthritis, poor blood circulation, and stiff joints.
The best solution for various outdoor activities, such as skiing, fishing, jogging, Hunting, biking, hiking motorcycles, protecting climbing dogs, Running, snow removal, etc.

Heating element:
There are two sizes of the heating film in the clothes:
The size of the heating element.
Small size: 15*10cm
Big size: 25*10cm
24 zone heating (12 zones for tops, 12 zones for pants){Requires 5V/3A mobile power}
20 zone heating (10 zones for tops, 10 zones for pants)
13 zone heating (5 zones for tops, 8 zones for pants)
8 zones heating (5 zones for tops, 3 zones for pants)

Name: Heating Thermal Underwear
Condition: Brand New
Color: Black / Pink
Gender: Men/Women
Material: 91.1% Polyester + 8.9% Spandex
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL,3XL,4XL

Package includes:
1 x Heating Thermal Underwear Tops
1 x Heating Thermal Underwear Pants

How to use :
Charging – Fully charge the power bank, before use.
Plug-in type-connects the power bank to a plug located in the pocket.
Press and hold down the on / off button for three seconds. After turning on, press the button to adjust the temperature.
Five temperatures
(Green LED) ~ 40 ℃
(Blue LED) ~ 45 ℃
(Purple LED) ~ 50 ℃
(Yellow LED) ~ 55 ℃
(Red LED) ~ 60 ℃

Reminder: This product does not contain power banks. Please indicate your “height”, “weight”, “bust” and “waist” in the buyer’s remarks when placing an order, or leave us a message. If you choose the wrong size, we will suggest the correct size for you (sizes are shown in Chinese sizes, usually 2-3 sizes smaller than European sizes)

Men Size Recommend :
Height: 155-160cm, Weight: 40-50kg, Recommend Size: S
Height: 160-165cm, Weight: 50-60kg, Recommend Size: M
Height: 165-170cm, Weight: 60-70kg, Recommend Size: L
Height: 170-180cm, Weight: 70-80kg, Recommend Size: XL
Height: 180-185cm, Weight: 80-90kg, Recommend Size: XXL
Height: 185-200cm, Weight: 90-100kg, Recommend Size: 3XL
Height: 200+ cm, Weight: 200 +kg, Recommend Size: 4XL

Women Size Recommend :
Height: 150-155cm, Weight: 45-50kg, Recommend Size: S
Height: 155-160cm, Weight: 50-58kg, Recommend Size: M
Height: 160-165cm, Weight: 58-62kg, Recommend Size: L
Height: 165-170cm, Weight: 63-68kg, Recommend Size: XL
Height: 170-175cm, Weight: 68-72kg, Recommend Size: 2XL
Height: 175-180cm, Weight: 73-78kg, Recommend Size: 3XL
Height: 180+ cm, Weight: 78 +kg, Recommend Size: 4XL



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