200W Car Auto Heater Portable Defroster Demister 12V Electric Heating Cooling Fan Front Windshield Air Purifier Cooler Dryer



Price: 10.27 - 10.27

200W 12V Car Truck Auto Heater
Hot Cool Fan Windscreen Window Demister Defroster


  • This portable heater plugs into
    any 12v –C-igarette lighter and heat up almost instantly. The portable heater
    can be positioned anywhere in your vehicle to give you a clear sight
    anywhere you might need it.

  • This portable heater features
    retractable handle for mobile use. It works inside and outside of the car.
    The portable heater swivels 360 degrees while on dashboard base, or, remove
    and flip-out the handle to aim at the exterior of your windows to defrost.

  • This portable heater can be used
    as defroster also and as a fan. If you need a quick blast of on those frigid
    winter days when getting into your car, you can turn this portable heater on
    because waiting for your car to heat up takes forever.

  • This portable heater features
    brush-less motor which enables noiseless operation.

  • This portable heater is
    constructed with high quality materials that ensure longevity and
    durability. The portable heater is designed with

  • Protective circuits and high
    quality components prevent the product or your devices from overheating or


  • Quickly heats the air without
    having to wait for your engine to warm up.

  • Defrost or demist your car
    windows quickly and efficiently.

  • Can also be used as a fan to cool
    you in the summer months.

  • Easy to use, just plug it into
    your vehicle’s –C-igarette socket and turn it on.

  • The base can be mounted using
    either the screws or self adhesive pads provided.

  • Type: Fan heater

  • Material: Plastic

  • Power supply: Car battery

  • Input: 12V, 12.5A

  • Maximum power: 200W

  • Size: (13 x 11 x 7)cm(5.1×4.3×2.8

  • Color: Black

How to use:

  • 1. Insert the 12V auto plug into
    car C-igarette lighter socket fully.

  • 2. Position the switch to the
    designed setting(Heat, Off

  • 3. Position the car heater on the
    floor or dashboard.

  • 4. Unplug the car heater when not
    in use.

  • Note:

  • The temperature is not high
    enough while heating-two reasons: the car accumulator’s capacity too small
    or its quality not good enough.

  • Some old cars or those with a
    poor accumulator may have a problem that the heater is not strong enough.
    Although these cars’accumulators are 12V, but their currents are only
    5A-10A. In this case, the heater won’t be as hot as general. For our
    product, the minimum requirement for current is 10A-12A.

Package Content:

  • 1 x 12V
    Portable Car Heater Defroster


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