220V Electric Blanket Thicker Heater Double Body Warmer Heated Blanket Thermostat Electric Heating Blanket Electric Heating



Price: 29.98 - 19.49

Note: There may be a gap of several centimeters between the manual measurement and the actual product

Color is sent randomly

150x70cm/150x120cm are single person and single control

180x150cm/200x180cm are double control

一、 Usage Method

(1)The product does not need to be grounded

(2)Lay the electric blanket on the bed.

The controller free end is used as the foot end, and

only a bed sheet or a thin cushion is laid on the carpet

surface. Keep in mind that the electric blanket is placed

between the two layers of cotton wadding or under the

cotton wadding, so as to prevent the thermal blanket

from overheating and damaging the electric blanket caused by the folds.

(3)Before going to bed, plug the power plug into the AC 220 V-50 Hz

power supply (never connect the appliance to the DC power supply), push

the gear to the "high" position, and the indicator light on the controller is

on, indicating that the power is on. Under normal conditions, preheat for

30-60 minutes. When you fall asleep, you can turn the gear knob to "low"

to keep the temperature, or turn it to the "off" position to stop heating.

(4)When the electric blanket is electrified, the controller must be

exposed in a convenient position, and it should not be placed under the

quilt cover, pillow or other covers, nor close to other heat sources, so as to

avoid overheating damage of the controller and cause accidents.

二. matters needing attention

(1)It is strictly forbidden to fold and clecrify or fold the appliance.

Do not fold the electric blanket and use it with electricily

(2)The electric blanket is a class I appliance, which has electromagnetie

induction (static electricity) in use, which is a normal phenomenon

(3)It is forbidden to fold or fold the appliance. The bed and bedding used by

users shall be fully paved with electric blanket. If this requirement cannot be

guaranteed, the electric blanket shall not be used to avoid local overheating and

damage to the electric blanket. ( Soft mattress or latex mattress is prohibited to

use electric blanket )

(4)It can only be used for heating under electrie blanket, not for body heating,

and other purposes are prohibited

(5)In order to avoid scalding to human body, it is not allowed to be used by

people who can not take care of themselves, infants and children and people who

are not sensitive to heat

(6)When the heavy objects such as folded quilt cover are placed on the electric

blanket, it is not allowed to be electrified, so as to avoid local overheating of the

pressed part of the electric blanket and damage the electric blanket

(7)It is not allowed to be exposed to the sun, baked or ironed to avoid damage

to the insulation layer of the heating wire.

(8)Do not wash and dry clean, if wet, do not turn on power

(9)It is forbidden to use it with other heating appliances (such as foot heater,

foot warmer, hot water bag, etc.) and it is forbidden to heat other heating


(10)No kindling (such as cigarette butts) is allowed on the bed. In case of fire

(11)When users go out or cannot use the electric blanket, they should cut off

the power supply of the electric blanket and pull out the power plug of the

electric blanket, so as to put an end to the hidden danger of fire accidents

Photo 9 No kindling

(12)Do not pull the plug by pulling the power cord, or pull the appliance by


pulling the soft wire

(13)Do not use electric blankets on softer mattresses or latex mattresses to avoid

damage to electric blankets caused by folding energizing

(14)People who drink too much, fatigue too much and take sedatives should not use electric


(15)Do not use on the adjustable bed. If you want to use it on the adjustable bed, check

whether the electric blanket or cord will be folded or stuck, such as at the hinge joint

(16)Electric blankets should not be used by children unless parents or guardians have given

them prior instructions or given adequate guidance to children on how to use them

(17)This electric blanket is 220V-50Hz, The power plug should be matched with the

corresponding conversion head according to the local conditions

(18)I the electric blanket needs to be used in 110v voltage area in USA, Canada, Korea,

Japan, Taiwan, etc., please match with voltage conv


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