250W 220V Heater/12V DC Fan Thermostatic Egg Incubator Heater PTC Fan Heater Heating Element Electric Heater



Price: 15.99 - 15.99

1. introduction:

  • Size: 87.5 x 60 x 42mm(Includes mounting holes)

  • Mounting hole size:φ4mm

  • Heat material: PTC Thermistor

  • Heat methods: heat radiation by air flow

  • Lead wire: high temperature line

  • The length of lead wires : 200mm

  • The length of bare wires : 10mm

  • Surface insulate: No

  • Use: this PTC part is used for heating air or solid. the PTC material has a characteristic that it is constant temperature on the surface.

  • Notice:the power is reference value. the better the dissipation is, the bigger the power is.In different working environments, power will have a plus or minus 20% tolerance.
    If you have strict requirements on power accuracy, this product is not suitable for you.

2. advantage:

  • Safety

  • Heat up quickly, long service life.

  • self-control temperature

  • small sound


  • Equipment

  • Electric Heater

  • General electric appliance

  • Air curtain machine

PTC Insulative corrugated heater(PTC Air heater insulator,PTC Heater for warm air-conditioner) is a kind of large power Non-Surface-Electrified PTC heater with wind blowing.PTC element is fixed in aluminium tube and keep insulated with the aluminium tube.

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Our Company

Shanghai Yidu Electronic Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of PTC products. We are specializing in the production of PTC air heaters, PTC fan heaters and PTC liquid heaters.Our most popular products are the insulated air heaters.Widely used in new air conditioners, air conditioners, incubators, car assisted heating, ticket collection systems, beauty salons and all kinds of household appliances.

Packing & Delivery

Packing Details : Packing, 50pcs/carton

Delivery Details : 1-3 days after order


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