30W Powerful Fishing Light with Tripod 4 Color Searchlight Zoomable Flashlight T6 Portable Spotlight Handheld Emergency Light



Price: 92.00 - 46.00

1. Material: made of reinforced aluminum alloy, it is comfortable to grip and durable.

2. Lamp beads: 4 high-quality bright lamp beads, long service life, blue, white, yellow and purple light source combination, light source color can be adjusted according to different needs, suitable for various environments.

3. Light source introduction:
(1) Blue light: special wavelength, can reflect the fluorescence of fish drift, and monitor the status of fish drift at any time.

(2) Yellow light: soft, recognizable, close to natural light, easy to identify catch, and can also be used as camping light or desk lamp.

(3) White light: strong light for long-distance shooting, suitable for fish collection and daily lighting.

(4) Purple light: the purple light has high reflectivity to the fishing buoy and can effectively attract fish to the hook. It can also be used as scorpion lamp, currency detection lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc.

(5) The white light and red light of the tail light are bait lights. The soft white light is easy to bait. The red light flashes the mosquito repellent warning tail light, and the fishing at night is insect free. (press the cob switch to turn on the side light source, the side white light – side red light flash – side red SOS off cycle induction mode, and the manual scanning is effective within 10cm of the sensing distance)

4. Lighting mode: white light / blue light / yellow light / purple light level 2, tail light red light and white light level 1 respectively, which can be adjusted as required.

5. Rotating focus: the aperture size can be adjusted as required, and the focus and astigmatism can be freely switched. Rotate to the left to increase the aperture, and rotate to the right to decrease the aperture.

6. Power display: intelligent LCD digital display, power level is clear at a glance, 4 18650 lithium batteries, 10000 MAH, sufficient power, long battery life.

7. Applicable to: night fishing, camping, exploration, hunting, mountaineering, currency detection, fluorescence detection, pet urine detection, emergency lighting and other scenarios.


Product Name: four light source focus flashlight charging work light fishing light with induction function
Color: Black
Light color: White / Blue / yellow / Purple
Maximum power: 30W
Battery used: 4 * 18650 lithium battery
Battery capacity: 10000 Mah
Charging time: 12.5h

Battery life: 12.5-24h (different lighting modes, different battery life)
Headlamp lighting mode: Level 2 lighting mode (high light 12 hours / low light 24 hours)

Tail lamp lighting mode: red light and white light 1st gear
Zoom: Zoom

Maximum range: 200-500m
Waterproof grade: lifelong waterproof
Booth height: 60cm
Contraction height of support: 30cm
Size: 19.2 * 8.3 * 6.8cm
Weight: 725g

Packing list:
1 * fishing light
1 * charger
1 * bracket

1. Please accept an error of 1-3cm due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the difference of light and screen, the color of the product may be slightly different from the picture.


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