8 Areas Heated Vest Down Heated Jacket Mens Women USB Electric Hunting fish Thermal Vest Warm Winter Heated Clothes Heating Vest



Price: 40.80 - 40.80

Product description

【High Performance Heated Vest】 Our heated vest can warm your body gradually to promote blood circulation and relieve stiff muscle caused by cold winter; the heated vest is lightweight which can make it easy for you to spend the whole winter without wearing bulky clothes; It can be also used in some outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, outdoor skiing, fishing, etc. The best Christmas gifts
【8 Heating Zones】The heated vest has Eight heating zones to make your body warm; Built-in Eight carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas include left and right abdomen, back,and waist; Besides, heat spreads from the waist, abdomen, and the back to the entire upper body to make you warmer and warmer
【3-level Temperature Control】One button controls three temperature gears; Red is highest, 55℃- 65℃( 122℉-140℉); Blue is medium, 45℃- 55℃( 113℉-131℉); Green is lowest, 35.7℃- 40℃(96.3℉-104℉); The USB port connects the power bank, the power supply will start automatically. The green lamp will light up.Long press the button for 3s to turn it off, click it to change the temperature gear; After you turn to the red light, it takes a while to fully heat up
【Universal USB Plug and Safety Heating】The heating body warmer has convenient USB plug which fits for most 5V/2A power bank (The power bank is not included); Please make sure to use the 5V / 2A USB port; Don't handle the power cord of the charger roughly.Never disassemble, repair or modify the product unless you are a repair engineer.
【About Care】This product comes with a laundry bag. Put the product in a laundry bag and machine wash. (Be sure to follow the precautions on the washing label.)If it is partially dirty, moisten a towel, wring it out, and wipe off the dirty part. (Please reduce washing as much as possible.)


Do not use for a long time.

Do not use hot water or strong acid detergent.

Do not use electricity for wet clothes.

Please turn off the power and stop using before rain stop.

The usage time depends on the size of the charging capacity.

Do not connect directly to the power charger, please use the mobile charging connection as a power supply

Package: 1* vest (do not include mobile power)


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