900W Electric Heater Remote Control Constant Temperature Timer Mini Fan Heater Home Office Room Heater Handheld Air Heater Heate



Price: 32.95 - 18.12




For small spaces warm up in 5 minutes in wider helps to have more pleasant temperatuer and long comfort deadline

In the bathroom,Perfect.
From 25 to 35°.Low-power
900 watts of power, low power consumption

Warm Air Blower Feature:


1.There are several buttons on the top of the heater that make it easy to control the heater with a single push.

2. Designed with overheat protection function, the power can be cut off when the temperature is overheated, the dump function is automatically cut off, and the power supply is stopped when the heater is dumped.

3.The swivel plug can be used in sockets in different positions for more convenient and easier use.

4.When the indoor temperature is the same as the temperature of the heater, the heater will stop working to saving power.

5.Great for anywhere at: Home, Bathrooms, Dorm Rooms, Offices, campers, basements, garages etc..

6.Digital LED Temperature display.

7.Space-saving design.

8.High&Low speed settings.

9.Safe Ceramic Heating Element.

10.Stay-Cool Plastic Housing.

11.Whisper-Quiet operation.

Package list:

Instructions For Use:
1: Plug The Heater Into The Required Power Outlet
2: Push On / Off To Turn On The Power
3: Select The Temperature You Want, Increase The Temperature With The + Button, Or Decrease The Temperature With The-Button
4: Press The Right Button To Select The Fan Speed You Want
5: When Finished Pushing Again On / Off, Turn Off The Power, And Unplug The Heater From The Power Outlet To A Safe Place

Set Time:
When The Heater Is Turned On, Press The Timer Button To Activate The Timer. Press The Timer Button Continuously To Set The Number Of Hours Before The Heater Switch Is Turned Off. You Can Choose 1-12 Hours.
Once The Desired Time Is Selected, Stop Pressing The Timer Button And Cancel The Timer To Turn Off The Heater.
Note: The Heater Has An Automatic 12-Hour Default Timer For Security Reasons.

360 ° Plug Rotation Instructions:
Press And Hold The “Plug Rotation Button”.
With Your Hand, Gently Turn The Socket To The Desired Position.
Release The “Plug Rotation Button” To The Locked Position.

Note: Do Not Let Liquid Enter The Heater
Do Not Use Alcohol, Gasoline, Abrasive Powder, Home Polish Or Rough Brushes To Clean The Heater, This May Cause Damage To The Heater Casing.
Do Not Use This Heater Around Bathrooms, Baths Or Swimming Pools
Do Not Immerse The Heater In Water
Please Wait For The Device To Dry Completely Before Use
Store In A Cool, Dry Place When Not In Use

Note: If The Unit Stops Working Due To Overheating, Disconnect The Unit From AC Power And Plug It Back In To Restart.
Use Cannot Exceed 12 Hours.




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