900W Mini Electric Heater Fan with Handle Portable Home Desktop Winter Warm Air Blower Electric Warmer Machine for Home Office



Price: 14.74 - 6.78

900W Desktop Warm Air Blower 3-speed Adjustable Electric Home Heaters with Night Light Student Dormitory Heaters for Home Office
1. Portable: Small and portable, portable heater on the go, easy to carry, suitable for various scenarios. Lightweight and simple appearance, it is beautiful wherever you go, and you will feel warm wherever you go.
2. Convective Circulation of Warm Air: The wide-angle heating is delivered to the whole house within a few minutes. The room turned into a sun room in seconds, and the whole house was warm.
3. 900W Stable Power: Stable motor works simultaneously with 7 large fan blades and PTC heating elements. Wide range, sufficient heat, long distance, suitable for home office.
4. Shutdown Timing & 20db Silent Operation: Save power and worry 12 hours of timing shutdown, save worry and effort, and save energy to the end. The night light can easily fall asleep, quiet operation does not disturb sleep, as low as 20db, sleep peacefully all night.
5. Safe Design: Power off when tilted: It is equipped with a 45-degree tilt sensor for safe and secure use, and it automatically shuts down when it exceeds 45 degrees, and the power-off protection device is provided. Anti-mistake switch: It can prevent children from accidentally touching the switch. Safe and effective to prevent accidents.

Material: ABS+Electronic
Heating element: PTC ceramic element
Color: White
Size: About 150x145x180mm/5.9×5.71×7.09in
Packing size: About 228x168x156mm/8.98×6.61×6.14in
Heating element: PTC
Power: 600-900W
Default timing: 12 hours
Function: Adjustable gear, overheat protection, overturn protection

Instructions for use:
A. Hot air function:
1. Press the main power switch at the back of the machine, the red light is on, and the machine is in standby state.
2. Press the hot air button once, the red light is off, the first white light is on, the fan is in the first gear, and the blue light is on, indicating that the heating function is turned on, and it is in low-grade heating (about 600W)
3. Press the hot air button 2 times, the 1st and 2nd white lights are on, the fan is in the 2nd gear, and the heat is in high level, (about 900W) 4. Press the hot air button 3 times, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd white lights are on From the start, the fan is in 3rd gear, the heat is still in high level, (about 900W)
5. Press the hot air button 4 times, the blue light is off, the heat is turned off, the first white light flashes, the fan is in the first gear, and stops after a delay of 1 minute, the white light is off, the red light is on, and it enters standby.
B. Lighting function: 1. Press the light key once to turn on the night light function 2. Press the light key again to turn off the night light function
C. Reversing protection function: When the machine is dumped over 45 degrees, it will automatically shut down and the red light will flash. When the machine is restored to the correct placement, the red light is always on, and it does not turn on.
D. Timing function: Start timing after power on, automatically shut down after 12 hours, and function operations (other than shutdown) in the middle will not affect timing.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 x Heater
1 x Manual 



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