Air Parking Warmer Portable 8KW 12V car Heater Diesel Air Heater Metal Heater Monitor For Truck Camper Van Boat



Price: 265.98 - 122.35

Diesel Air Heater 8KW 12V All In 1 LCD 4 Holes Monitor For Truck Motorhome Boat

  • √ This air-warmed heater is an electrical control – a fan and pump-driven heating device. It is diesels fuel, air as a medium. The use of fans to drive the rotation of the impeller to achieve diesel- combustion in the combustion chamber. The heat is then released through the metal shell and the metal shell exchanges heat with the flowing air

  • √ Advanced automatic control technology, easy to install, can be used as a window glass defrost, but also for the cab, studio, cabin thermal insulation services

  • √ Environmentally friendly: Low emissions, low fuel consumption; exhaust heaters to meet the Euro IV emission requirements of the engine.

  • √ Lower power consumption, Improved motor to increase the fixed bracket, the balance of the fan impeller rotation is more stable, reducing noise

  • √ Application: The heater can be applied for heating the cab of the freight vehicles,vans,storage battery cars and all kinds of other vehicles

Various diesel mechanical vehicles such as cars, buses, RVs, trucks, engineering vehicles, etc.

Material: Metal+Plastic
Color: Red+Black
Size: 15.3×39×41.5cm (6×15.4×16.3")
Voltage: 12V
Power: 8000W
Fuel: Diesel
Complete combustion rate: 100%
Fuel consumption: 0.2~0.55L
Working temperature: -40°C~40°C

– All into one unit, saving space and easy to move.
– Low fuel and power consumption for longer periods of operation.
– Smooth, automatic room temperature control with temperature pre-set facility.
– Low noise: noise reduction processing with minimal noise.
– Easy installation: the compact design is good for using in a variety of narrow spaces.
– Two working modes: air condition mode & heater mode.
– With continuous monitoring and diagnostic system.
– Fuel supplied from the vehicle’s own tank.


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