Automotive Car Heater Portable Vehicle Window Defroster Electric Windshield Heating Fan with Double Air Outlet 12V 24V 600W 800W



Price: 56.29 - 56.29

Product Description:

  • [Rapid heating for 5 seconds]-800w high-power car heater, using PTC ceramic heating element. Provide comfort for travel, camping, glass, fog thawing. (The 800w heater is more efficient and versatile than other products.)

  • [Multi-function]-used for windshield defrosting, defrosting and defrosting. And preheat the engine coolant to prevent engine wear when starting at low temperatures.

  • [Comfort]-It can be installed on the bottom of the seat, on the side of the feet or anywhere in the car. Get on the road safely and comfortably and reach your destination.

  • [Universal type]——The heater can be used to heat the compartments of various vehicles such as 24v trucks, vans, and battery cars. Can be used for diesel vehicles. Check whether the car battery is 12v or 24v. ★The red wire is connected to the positive pole (more on the 12th wire), the black wire is connected to the negative pole, and a negative 60a inline fuse can be added. For installation instructions, please contact us!

  • [Note]-The power is not up to 800w, not because of the product, but the battery is insufficient. If the current is small, the energy will not reach the full power. So you need to replace the battery above 45ah. The greater the ah, the greater the effectiveness. When the battery is fully charged, it may peak


  • Silent fan, no noise during work, creating a good driving environment for you.

  • High quality iron material, hard and high temperature, long service life and good performance.

  • Used for car defrosting and heating to better and accurately meet your needs.

  • Ceramic Heating Elements: Made from PTC ceramic heating elements. Supports 5 second instant heating and provides the comforts for travel, camping, etc.

  • Actual Function: Suitable for windshield defrosting, demisting, and deicing. Due to this warm air heater, there is no worry about the warm air in the car is not enough in the car in winter.

  • about Details: Single switch, 2 air outlets, 1 big cooling fan. Supports installation at the bottom of the chair, next to the foot or at any position on the car.

  • Wide Application: Supports wide application in car, truck, vehicle, air conditioner and other commonly used appliances. Suitable for all 12V vehicle car.

  • A Nice Gift: Works as a great gift for your lover, parents and friends on birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas and other holidays.

Product Specification:

  • Item Type: Car Heater

  • Color: White

  • Uses: Suitable for car defrost and heating

  • Air Outlet: Double Air Outlet

  • Heating Rate: 5 Seconds

  • Heating Method: Built-in Ceramic Tungsten Heating

  • Material: Metal Paint

  • Voltage: 12V/24V

  • Power: 600W/800W

  • Overall Size: Approx. 18 x 12 x 10cm/7 x 4.7 x 3.5in


  • There might be little error of size for manual measurement.

  • The color's deviation might differ due to different monitor settings, please kindly understand.


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