Electric Blanket Flannel Electrothermal Intellectual Ability2 people double Three Person Household Electric Heating Blanket New



Price: 110.13 - 56.17

Commodity Description
Flannel electric blanket
Source/diverse specifications/support customization

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Careful material selection/ingenious craftsmanship/professional service/stable production
Flannel electric blanket
Rigorous technology, careful manufacturing and attention to every detail.

Automatic power-off protection for overheating of double-layer spiral heating wire in factory
Full-line overtemperature protection
Prevent overheating of electric heating line and eliminate potential safety hazards.

Waterproof design, no leakage in case of water.
The baby is not afraid to wet the bed and knock over the cup.

Flannel electric blanket
Strict quality inspection, all indicators meet the standard and the measurement is accurate to ensure the product is qualified.

Electric blanket available all season
Dehumidifying in spring, removing mites in summer, baking in autumn and keeping warm in winter

certification of qualification

Product parameter

Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
1. The electric blanket must be laid flat, placed between the mat and the sheets, not under the cotton mattress (it is forbidden to use it with the far red line mattress, self-heating physiotherapy, hand warmers, hot water bottles, fire resistance, hot water glass bottles, etc.).
2. Electric blanket is more suitable for use on hard bed, and it is forbidden to use it on Simmons bed, steel wire soft bed and sofa bed.
3. The electric blanket can’t be folded, folded and electrified, so as to avoid heat concentration and excessive temperature, resulting in local overheating.
4. It is recommended to turn on high-grade high-temperature preheating about 20 minutes before going to bed. After going to bed, choose the temperature suitable for you and switch gears or turn off the power to sleep.
5. When the electric blanket is powered on, the switch should be placed at the bedside to avoid squeezing. It is forbidden to place the switch under the quilt or pillow and other coverings, and it should not be close to other heat sources to avoid the controller being overheated and damaged.
6. The electric blanket cannot be washed. If you accidentally stain the electric blanket, you can lay it on the flat surface and brush it with a soft brush, or gently wipe the dirty surface with diluted detergent, then scrub it with clean water, and put it in a ventilated place to dry. Do not apply electricity to dry it, and do not expose it to the sun.
7. There is no reason to return the electric blanket for 7 days, with a 1-year warranty. During the warranty period, the freight paid to the customer for return and maintenance shall be borne by the merchant, and other expenses paid by the customer shall be borne by the customer.


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