Electric Fan Heater 1500W Household Portable Mini Hand Warmer Heating Warmer for Room Office Foot Bed Warm Fan Heater 220V



Price: 43.62 - 26.17

1500W indoor heater

Product size: 18.5 * 14.5 * 23cm

Product weight: 1050g

Material: flame retardant ABS+flame retardant nylon+PP

Rated power rate: 110V-220V

Product frequency: 50Hz

Temperature regulation: 3rd gear (cold and hot)

Specifications :

Plug(Option): EU Plug / US Plug
Voltage: 110-220V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: low 1000W,high 1500W

Features :

– Infrared remote control: long distance adjustable circulating fan
– Timing design: 12 hours of super long timing, night with it, warm and comfortable sleep until
– Circulation heating:the whole house quickly warming. Make full use of aerodynamics to produce air convection and form the air effect of restart
– Circulating cooling and heating fan: it can be used as a heater in winter and a circulating fan in summer, not only a heater but also an air circulation fan
– Touch interactive system: there are no tedious steps, you can control the various functions of the circulating fan with a little touch, and adjust the machine as you wish
– Alloy heating element: it can heat rapidly(about 2s) and has a long service life. The heat distribution of the heating element is uniform. It is an ideal heating element in the heating elements
– Spiral blade: different from ordinary air heater, the blade of turbine cooling and heating fan adopts 3 blades of propeller type, the heating distance can reach about 4.5 meters, and the whole house hot air circulation is faster
– Wide angle and large-scale heating: it can not only supply air to the left and right automatic(about 75°), but also can be adjusted up and down manual(about 90°). It is convenient for heating. The warm air can be delivered in all directions. One machine can open the whole family to share the warmth

Package Includes :

1 * Heater
1 * User Manual
1 * Remote Control

How To Use The Timing Function :

Press the "timing" button, the timing indicator light is on, and the nixie tube lights up at the same time, as it initially displays 00. Press 2 times to display 01. 3 times to display 02…..Press 13 times to display 12, and then press again, the timing function is turned off, the timing indicator light is off, and the ambient temperature is displayed digitally, which changes cyclically. (01 means 1 hour, and so on)

800W air heater

Product material: ABS plastic

Product size: 175 * 115 * 180

Product weight: 560g

Rated voltage: 220V



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