Electric Heated Blanket 220v Back Neck Winter Keep Warm Heating Pad 30×59CM Constant Temperature Hot Compress Mat Pain Relief



Price: 21.40 - 10.70

30*59cm Heating Pad


1.Made of super soft crystal velvet material, soft and skin-friendly, breathable, comfortable to touch, and not easy to cause skin allergies.
2.Rapid heating, constant temperature hot compress, bring warmth to your body, effectively disperse the cold, and protect your health.
3.10-speed temperature control (30°C-70°C), 3-speed timing (45 minutes/90 minutes/120 minutes), to meet the actual needs of different groups of people.
4.It is suitable for waist, abdomen, back, legs and other parts to relieve body pain and improve old cold legs.
5.EASY TO CLEAN: Equipped with a waterproof junction box, our products support both water and machine wash.

Heating temperature of heating pad

Gear 1:30℃, Gear 2:35℃, Gear 3:40℃, Gear 4:45℃, Gear 5:50℃, Gear 6:55℃, Gear 7: 58℃, Gear 8:63℃, Gear 9:65℃, Gear 10:70℃


Material: super soft crystal velvet
color: grey
Power: 75W
Heating wire length: 136cm+57cm
Actual product size: 30*59cm
Packing size: 30*9*9cm

Plug Specifications:

European Regulation (220-240V),
US Regulation (100-120V)
UK Regulation: (220-240V)

Packing List:

1* 30*59cm heating pad
1*Temperature control power line
1* User Manual

30*60cm Heating Pad


1.The heating pad made of high-quality coral fleece fabric is soft and skin-friendly, and feels comfortable to the touch. (Detachable cloth cover for machine wash.)
2. This heating pad can quickly heat up in a few seconds, effectively warming cold hands and feet, promoting blood circulation, relaxing the body, soothing tired muscles and joints and providing pain relief to sore muscles.
3. 3 different temperatures (low-grade 30℃, medium-grade 40℃, high-grade 50℃) to meet your different needs and bring you the most comfortable experience.
4. It has a good effect in the treatment of pain and stiffness in the shoulders, neck, back, arms, legs, abdomen and other parts.
5. Equipped with LCD controller, easy to operate, 2.3 meters of power cord allows you to enjoy the heat treatment process in a comfortable bed/chair.
6. The 2-hour automatic shut-off function prevents the heating pad from overheating and burns the skin, allowing you to use it without any worries.


Material: Coral fleece+ABS
Color: grey
Size: 60*30cm
Weight: 0.5kg
Packing size: 32*14*8cm

Packing List:

1* Heating Pad


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