Electric Heater 500W Fast Heating Easy Control Mini for Office Desk Bedroom



Price: 6.32 - 6.32


Built-in ceramic heating element with high thermal efficiency, it only takes about 5 seconds from wind-making to wind-out, that is, it will warm up when it is turned on, and it will heat up in 3 seconds. It has dual convection, fence-style concentrated flow and a wider range.
It is equipped with sensitive temperature control and has the ability of automatic constant temperature, which keeps the output warm air temperature constant in the range of 60degrees Celsius-90degrees Celsius without sudden cold and heat. With a power of 500W, it is not afraid of power restrictions, energy saving and low consumption, and the dormitory can also be used with confidence.
Set up 3 major safety guarantees, flame-retardant heat insulation materials, PTC thermal protector, and temperature fuse, so that you can use it with more peace of mind.
The user-friendly one-button switch can be used by the elderly and children. The anti-skid strip design is added at the bottom, which is not easy to slide. At the same time, there is a hidden switch at the bottom to prevent children from accidentally touching it.
Quiet work, easy to cope with home office, suitable for various scenarios. It is palm-sized and can be placed in a handbag, making it easy to carry when going to school and work.


Product Model: LKS-500
Product Weight: about 445g.
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Voltage: 220V~
Rated Power: 500W
Maximum Heating Area: 20m^2 or less
Applicable Area: less than 10
Heating Method: ceramic heating

Size Chart:


Package Includes:

1 Piece Electric Heater(plug )
1 Piece Manual


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