Electric Portable Heater Mini Wall Mount Home Office Desktop Warm Air Heater Warmer Fan Silent Remote Fast Heat Thermostat Home



Price: 18.55 - 13.91




1,PTC generates heat, uniform heating, low thermal resistance, fast heat generation, automatic constant temperature, power saving, and will not produce “redness” on the surface of electric heating tube heaters, avoiding potential safety hazards such as burns and fires.

2,Built-in constant temperature control system, the r0om temperature reaches the set temperature, the machine automatically sleeps, and the room temperature is lower than the set temperature to resume work and warm up, prevent overheating, save energy and save electricity.

3,Quiet and no wind feeling, static convection heating design is suitable for people with light sleep, no wind noise and no dryness, bringing you warmth.

4,The LED temperature display allows you to know the indoor temperature more clearly.

5,Metal grid design, high temperature resistant fine grid design heat dissipation, faster and safer.

6,It can be rotated to a suitable angle, and the back plug can be rotated 360° to get rid of the constraints.


1,There are several buttons on the top of the heater that make it easy to control the heater with a single push.

2,Designed with overheat protection function, the power can be cut off when the temperature is overheated, the dump function is automatically cut off, and the power supply is stopped when the heater is dumped.

3,The swivel plug can be used in sockets in different positions for more convenient and easier use.

4,When the indoor temperature is the same as the temperature of the heater, the heater will stop working to saving power.

5,Great for anywhere at: Home, Bathrooms, Dorm Rooms, Offices, campers, basements, garages etc..

6,Digital LED Temperature display.

7,Space-saving design.

8,High&Low speed settings.

9,Safe Ceramic Heating Element.


Name : Electric Warm Heater

Color:Black / White (optional)

Type: EU

Material: ABS shell + iron piece + heating sheet


Display Screen:LED Digital


Voltage Rating:220-240V

Rated Frequency:50/60Hz

Set Temp:15-32°C

Idle Speed of Fan:3000(LOW) / 4400(HIGH) RPM

Air Volume:30(LOW) / 40(HIGH) CFM

Programmable Timer:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 Hour

Certificate: CE/RoHS

Heating method: electric heating wire

Speed adjustment gear: more than six gears

Timing function: more than 8 hours

Operation mode: dual-use mechanical remote control

Switch type: normal button

Heating appliance type: fan heater

Air supply mode: no page turning, no head shaking

Application area: 21-30㎡



Package Included:

1 x Desktop Remote Electric Space Heater

1 x Remote control

1 x user manual


How to use it ?

step 1:plug warm air blower into desired power outlet.

step 2:push on/off switch on the unit.

step 3:choose your desired temperature by using the + button to increase temperature or – button to decrease temperature.

step 4:choose your desired fan speed by pushing the button on the right.

step 5:when complete push on/off switch again and unplug warm air blower from power outlet. store in a safe place.



After the PTC ceramic heater is electrified, it will generate heat. The fan will blow out the hot air, which will make the air produce convection and realize large area heating

Temperature control system + overhet protection,protect your safety

Built in constant temperature control system

When the room Temperature  reaches the set temperature,the machine will sleep automatically. When the room Temperature is lower than the set temperature,the machine will resume working
and heating to prevent overheating,saving energy and electrici,



Temperature display enables you to grasp indoor temperature more accurately


High temperature resistant fine grid design, faster and safer heat dissipation


Back plug can rotate 360 ° to get rid of shackles



Remote control, NO need to get up

Warm companion at the desk

Don’t be afraid of the cold this winter,put the heater in the office to say goodbye to the cold soles of your feet,frozen fingers,and you can work comfortably all winter

Mute fan leaves quiet sleep
noise reduction design,care for family’s sleep. Quiet air supply,warm and accessible


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