Multifunction COB LED Flashlight Window Breaking Hammer Wrench Small Bottle Opener Keychain Work Light Outdoor Emergency Lamp



Price: 12.00 - 12.00

Mini LED Flashlight Keychain Portable 500LM Outdoor Bottle Opener Strong Key Ring Small Work Light Torch for Camping Emergency Hiking 
1. Back screwdriver: It should not fall out and be used at any time;
2. Multifunctional wrench: emergency wrench, small nuts supporting various sizes;
3. Emergency window breaking hammer: When you need to break the window in case of danger, break the window to escape, and be prepared;
4. Bottle opener: Open it whenever and wherever possible.
5. Hook lock design: can be hung on the backpack, belt buckle, easy to carry
6. High-brightness light source: white, yellow and red three-color large-area lamp bead board with wider lighting area, (warning: the brightness is too strong! Do not directly shine the light on the eyes);
7. TYPE charging: built-in fast charging chip, faster charging
8. Polymer lithium battery: built-in polymer lithium battery, long-lasting battery life (500mah high-performance lithium battery, 5 hours battery life, 90 days standby time);
9. Compatible with various tripods: standard screw holes at the bottom of the frame, compatible with all standard tripods, fishing boxes and fishing chairs on the market;
10. Four-grid power display: monitor the power usage in real time, and be ready to charge it at any time when the power is insufficient.
11. Life waterproof: not afraid of wind and rain, microwave stamping depth waterproof.

Charging: TPC fast charging interface
Light color: white, yellow, red, large area of natural light
Battery life: 5-50 hours
Wick: White, yellow and red COB highlight wick
Waterproof: life waterproof
Brightness: 500LM
Weight: about 49g
Power supply: built-in polymer lithium battery (500mAh)
Material: aluminum alloy + PC
Gear: white strong light – white weak light – yellow and white strong light – yellow weak light
Additional functions: back bracket, strong magnet, bottle opener, key hole, intelligent electric display red light red light flash long press super light

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 x Keychain Light 
1 x Usb Cable 
1 x Box/Bracket(Optional)


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