New 4/5/6 Blades Fireplace Fan Stovefan Non-Electric Stove Fan Thermoelectric Wood Stove Fans Burning Stove Save Energy Heat Fan



Price: 25.31 - 17.72

Bullet Points:
1、【Thermal Power】This fireplace fan is powered by the heat of a fireplace or woodstove and requires no electricity. Thermal electric fans distribute heat more efficiently in your home and save energy.
2、【Diffuse Heat】Our stove fan heat-powered can help distribute heat and improve warm air circulation for greater comfort. At the same time, it works with low noise, allowing you to enjoy the warmth quietly.
3、【Overheating Protection】The bottom of this wood stove fan has a built-in bi-metal strip, which is used to slightly raise the edge of the fan when it is close to the maximum operating temperature to protect the motor and thermoelectric module.
4、【High-quality Material】The base and blades of our heat-powered stove top fans are made of anodized aluminum, which has the characteristics of rust resistance, wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity, and can be used for a long time.
5、【Easy to Install】Our thermal fan is easy to install. You can mount it directly on top of a stove or log burner, no additional setup is required. It is widely used in wood material burning stoves, pellet stoves, etc.
1. Automatic adjustment: the fireplace fan can be automatically started, and the speed can be adjusted according to the temperature of the furnace.
2. Low energy consumption: low consumption, high efficiency, can increase room temperature by 41%, save fuels cost by up to 16%, no battery or power supply, more environmentally friendly.
3. The stove’s thermoelectric fan does not use batteries or electricity to increase the heating efficiency of the stove, which allows warm air to flow through your room faster.

Product structure:
1. Metal handle 2. Heat sink 3. Bi-metal thermal insulation

Working principle:
Thermoelectric furnace fans use thermoelectric technology to convert temperature differences into electrical energy. There is a unique thermoelectric module in the center of the fan. When heated, the module generates hot and cold sides, allowing electrons to flow into the module and generate electricity to operate the fan.
This is also known as the Seebeck effect

The furnace fan does not bring about a direct temperature increase but is only a tool to accelerate heat transfer from the chimney.
Model: BLFS
Colour: Black
Power supply equipment: thermoelectric module (thermal power supply)
Airflow: Aluminum
Airflow: 203CFM
Initial temperature: 40℃
Working temperature: 50-370℃
Noise level: 15-18db
Recommended distance: 10-15CM
Product list:
1* Fireplace Fan

Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, there is a color difference in the product, please understand.
Due to manual measurement, there is a tolerance in the product size.


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