New Original Xiaomi Mijia Thermostat Version 2200W Electric Heater Warming Fan Air Heating Waterproof Bathroom Home Heater



Price: 195.50 - 111.43

2200W High Power
One Piece Drying Rack
Aluminum Sheet Radiating
Model: KRDNQ04ZM
Size: 780x526x216mm
Rated Frequency :50Hz
Rated Power :2200W
Warming Principle :Convection
Installation Method :Floor-standing
Waterproof Level :IPX4
if you have special requirement, please leave a message when place order. 
1 x Thermostat Version 2200W Warming Fan Electric Heater
1 x User Manual

MIJIA Electric Heater
Give life more warmth
2200W to flow rate heat,Bathroom is also available
The room heats up quickly
The strong power and the newly upgraded high-efficiency aluminum heater 74-piece dragon'sspine array make it easier for airflow to pass through,with a larger contact area, and more efficient heat transfer.
Array aluminum heaterIt is hot when it is powered on,Efficient heat transfer
Two-way heat dissipation,Natural convection
Heat the local air in the house, thereby generating hotair. The convection effect of rising and falling cold airdrives the air in the house to circulate and heat. Thewide front vents and top vents allow both close heatingand the whole house to heat up.
Top Vent
Wide front cooling
Low dryness  Only warmth, no interruption
Air microcirculation convection heating, low dryness, no obvious wind and glare, warmth does not disturb.
Three gears switch,  Respond to different needs
The temperature control version of Mi home applianceheater can be switched at three power levels to meetdifferent usage needs. It can be fine-tuned to a more comfortable temperature through the temperature controlknob, making it more comfortable.
Constant temperature mode,Comfortable and energy saving
Built-in temperature control system When the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, it will automatically stopheating; when the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, it will automatically continue heating, Warm and comfortable, more energy-saving and power-saving.
Safety protection design
Waterproof protective shell
IPX4 splash water
The internal fully enclosed circuit design and waterproofheating body can be used safely in bedrooms and bathrooms.
Dump power off,Overheating protection
When the fuselage is accidentally knocked and tilted beyond the tiltingangle, or the temperature of the inner cavity exceeds the safe setting temperature, the electric heater will automatically cut off the power supply,making it more secure to use.
Product Details
Flame retardant material
Non-slip landing feet
1.5kg load-bearing drying rack

Small body, Easy to move  Enjoy the warmth anytime, anywhere


Since the product belongs to the original Chinese plug, we usually provide you with an adapter option.

Please refer to the plug type to select your adapter option.

Thank you for your understanding.


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