VIOMI PRO Baseboard Electric Heater Whole House Thermal Cycle Air Heater Work With Home App Electric Heater



Price: 219.00 - 148.92

– Evenly warming your house.
– 5S fast heating, enhanced dissipation rate.
– IPX4 water resistance standard, 3-layer waterproof structure.
– 5-35 Deg.C precise temperature adjusted for the people with different ages.
– Supporting ECO smart energy-saving mode means the heater enable to automatically reduce the temperature level when the temperature is too high.  
– 24H smart timing, pre-set the warming time and auto-stop.
– High-definition LED digital display.
Rated Voltage: 220V (please confirm whether you can use the voltage or not in your country, thank you)
Rated Power: 2200W
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Waterproof: IPX4
Temperature Adjustment Temperature: 5-35℃
Working Temperature: -20-45℃
Item Size: Approx. 1270*140*260mm
Package Size: Approx.1340*210*325mm

Please note it, this item comes from Xiaomi Ecochain Cooperation, so there is no any Xiaomi marks on it, thanks.
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Package List:
1 * Heater
1 * Manual

Internet Baseboard Electric Heater Pro
Whole house heating I 5 seconds speed heating I Multiple protection I Precise temperature control

Uniform heating throughout the house
Heat radiation and natural convection are adopted for heating. Thecold air is sucked in from the heater, and after being heated by themachine, it spreads from the top air vents. The whole house isheated evenly without drying, and wide- area heating is provided to warm the body. heart.
Powerful heating system
85 pieces of aluminum alloy string heating element, rapid heating in 5seconds, increase the heat dissipation area, improve the heat dissipa-tion efficiency, the air outlet structure is integrally formed, the thick-ness is up to 1 5mm, high temperature resistance, not easy to deform,and longer durable.
Heating and drying  can kill two birds with one stone
It is a big trouble for people to dry clothes in damp weather. Theelectric heater of Yunmi skirting line is placed under the dryingrack. The heating is concentrated, which can quickly dry wetclothes. No need to worry about clothes not drying in rainy and rainy days.
Small footprint, Free installation
It is small in size and small in area. Y ou can enjoy warmth when youplace the skirting on the wall. No installation is required. It can beheated by removing the electricity. It is suitable for living room, bed-room, study and office. It does not take up any space for heating. It is beautiful and easy to use.
IPX4 waterproof standard
Three-layer waterproof structure design, waterproof gradeup to IPX4, in line with national waterproof standards, water-proof insulation, anti- electric shock protection, drying clothesdripping, accidental splashing will not be electric shock, safe and reliable to use.
ECO energy saving  constant temperature mode
The intelligent constant temperature algorithm automaticallymatches the optimal heating power according to the set tem-perature and the ambient temperature, keeping the indoortemperature relatively constant, and achieving the effect of energy-saving heating.
5~35"C  Precision temperature control
It can be set freely in a wide temperature range of 5~35*C, t1Ccan accurately adjust the needs of the elderly and children towarm up, and the young people have strong resistance and can adjust the low temperature .
24-Hour smart timing
You can set the heating time as you like, so you don’thave to worry about turning on and off the machine. Y oucan keep warm before going to bed for a long time, and itwill automatically stop heating at the point. Heating is en- ,ergy saving and you can sleep without interruption.
Long-distance infrared remote control
The remote control has a control distance of up to 6m, andthe switch, temperature, time, and child lock sleep can beturned on by one button. The functions are clear at aglance, and the operation is simple and convenient
Wi-Fi smart interconnection
Mobile App remote control
Smart interconnection of all home appliances  Support voice control of Xiao Ai
3- fold safety protection
In order to make users feel more at ease, for children and situa-tions that may occur during use ,baseboard heaters are designedwith three safety protection measures to reduce accidents.
Basic Parameters
Product name: Internet baseboard electric heater ProProduct model: VXTJ01
Rated voltage: 220V~
Rated power: 2200W
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Dimensions: 1270 * 140 * 260 mm
Packing size: 1340*210*325 mm
Waterproof rating: IPX4
Working environment temperature: -20~45"C
Certification requirements: CCC certification
T emperature adjustment range: 5~35%C

Product Details

HD LED digital display
Convenient operation
Non-slip base feet
it is safer to prevent random sliding
Encrypted design of air outlet
Prevent children from reachingout to touch


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