Xiaomi Electric Heater Room Heating Stove Mini Home Radiator Remote Air Machine Room Circulation Winter Warming Fan Heater



Price: 91.74 - 45.87

Note : This product is made by Xiaomi cooperation brand, shipping without Xiaomi packing and there is no Any xiaomi logo on the product.Thanks for your understanding.if you do are, please do not buy it, thanks.

Nine skills to keep your warmth

Intelligent timing
Consant temperature heating Three-gear acjustment
Shake its head in
all-raund perspective
Fcmote contral
Rcom temperature display
Less naise to heat
PTCceramic heating
cuerheating protection

Three seconds to heat the whole house

1500w high power to heat without pressure

High-power for instant heatingto quickly heat up the whole room

PTC heating, safe and explosion-proof

Fast heating, without light and noise
The secret of instant heatingtiemin efficient ceramic PTC heating

PTC with highthermal efficiency
The heater isageing-resistantLong service life
Be safer

PTC can achievequick heating upQuick heating.instant heatingup by simply turning onairwarmer, keepingconstant temperature,
energy savingand power saving

No light emitting,healthy and comfortableNo light emitting, nonoise, no oxygenconsumption whenheating, healthy and

Multi-purpose machineone for both home and office

PTC Heating design, multi-functional application
PTC heating design is adopted, heating without light is
suitable for various scenarios
Large heat power and even dissipation

Heating at home
Daily heatingcompact andccnvenient

Daily usc in officeKeep warm hands inthe office on coldwinter days

Warm your feetPut it by your feet,make fcet warm first,and your whple body iswarm following

No light warmth and eye protection

Heating without light,neither hurting the eyes,
nor disturbing the sleep of the family

The heat is soft and even, making the home be full of warmth
ccompanying the family to spend the wihole winter

Wide-angle heating to share warmth

Wide-angle shaking head for large range warmth
60shaking head range, not just blowing in one place Larger heating area

Safe heating with metal grill

Multiple protections for safety
The machine adopts metall mesh cover, which is sturdy and durable

Metal scald-proafair outlzt
Anti-scalding alrautlet is safer.
overheating protection
due to high temperatureAutomatic power-cff
Flame retardant
Safely warm,
nicely pratcct
Delay turning ofl
Extend the service
life of the machine.

Three-gear adjustment to warm all of us

as warm as you want
Used for both heating and cooling in all
seasons to meet the different needs of your family

lst gear-natural windcirculating air coolingmachine
2nd gear-low heatComfortable warm air,soft and gentle
3rd gear-high heatStrong warm wind,
not afraid of the coldness

Digital display of temperature degrees one touch to awake it

Reall-time temperature display
with touch button design, beautiful and useful

12H timing intelligent shutdown

Shut down regularly for a long timesave power and away concernkeeping warm all night to dawn

Timing to
power off


Take control it
as your will

Remote control for easy control

Infrared remote control, convenient and fest

Power off when dumping considerate care

30°dumping for power off to prewent accidentalknocking and causing potential safety hazards

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