Xiaomi Mijia Electric Heater E 2200W LED Smart Thermal Cycle Constant Temperature IPX4 Waterproof Heaters



Price: 236.29 - 134.69

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Heater E 2200W LED Smart Thermal Cycle Constant Temperature IPX4 Waterproof Heaters

Basic parameters:

Product name: Mijia baseboard electric heater E

Product model: TJXDQ01ZM

Product size: 1105*172*179mm

Rated voltage: 220v

Rated frequency: 50H

Rated power: 2200W power

Temperature setting range: 16-28℃

Appointment time and fixed time:0-12h

Applicable area: within 20㎡


Overheating protection
Dump power off
Child lock design
Non-slip base
Environmental protection

Mijia skirting line Electric heater

Intelligent constant temperature and energy saving
Dual-purpose bedroom and bathroom
Convection cycle balanced heating

2200W high power

Intelligent constant temperature
Smart LED screen
Intelligent control
Custom room temperature
Overheating protection

No wind heating

Comfortable and not dry
Convection heating can slow down the evaporation of moisture in the air, bid farewell to the dry heat of air conditioning in winter, without obvious wind feeling, comfortable and not easy to dry.

Intelligent constant temperature

Comfortable and power saving
The intelligent temperature control system automatically continues heating when the temperature is lower than the preset temperature, and automatically reduces the power to maintain the temperature when the preset temperature is reached. You can also directly turn on the low power mode, which is constant temperature and comfortable, energy saving and power saving.

16-28°C freely set

Custom room temperature
You can directly set the target room temperature to customize your ideal heating needs. At the same time, it supports delayed shutdown and the desired temperature is always available.
13 temperature can be preset
12h delay shutdown can be preset

Smart LED screen Faint light does not disturb sleep

Digital display LED screen, just touch to operate. The humanized screen function creates a warm sleeping atmosphere. Two technologies are optimized at the same time, the room temperature is adjusted silently, and the heating is efficient and silent. The light is silent, so you can sleep peacefully.

Optimize the structure of the dragon's back heating element

Reduce the noise caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the product when switching on and off

Optimize the thyristor temperature control system
0-2200W heating power, silent and efficient automatic switching

Smart remote control

Call for warmth anytime, anywhere
Supports Mijia APP+AI voice intelligent control*, remote boot preheating, you can enjoy the warmth when you get started; you can easily turn on and off the phone without leaving at night. It can also be linked with other Mijia smart products.
Turn on child lock
Adjust the temperature to 26℃
Turn on the electric heater
Increase the temperature

IPX4 waterproof Bedroom bathroom

Splash-proof and no leakage at any angle
Can be placed directly in the bathroom to enjoy a warm bath


Since the product belongs to the original Chinese plug, we usually provide you with an adapter option.

Please refer to the plug type to select your adapter option.

Thank you for your understanding.


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